I walked into the bar, there were three people standing at the counter and a barman.

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Miguel & Craig

How often have you sat in training thinking this is not worth my time? Here is a way to ensure your training is and stays relevant to the learners.

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Brexit is sure to bring about huge bureaucracy challenges, the speed of business can’t wait so how can Lean thinking help?

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The sun is blazing, but we are in the shade of the wall behind us, a wall of sandstone worn smooth by millennia of sandstorms.

An RAF Tornado over the desert (image by Canva)

So far my life can be split into three acts. Childhood, the RAF Years and the Lean Years


The RAF Years

Facilitating a process mapping session can take you down rabbit holes, sap time, be frustrating and quite boring, the following 10 top tips should help you avoid this.

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1. Agree on the owner of the process and assemble the right team

Skeleton maintenance crews during Covid-19 will mean a tsunami of maintenance activity when Planned Plant Shutdowns are due. How can you maximise maintenance efficiency?

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From the day I started working as a Continuous Improvement practitioner I became indoctrinated.

Continuous Improvement isn’t just Lean, Agile and Six-Sigma. There are other disciplines that fit under the CI “brolly” for instance Practical Process Improvement, Organisational Development and Systems Thinking.

Darren Clyde

Darren is a business improvement expert with 15 years experience working with organisations to reduce the cost and frustration of doing day to day work.

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